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Since one of our most popular models is our classic Ontario’s, we absolutely had to find a way to implement them into our new ECO line. So what you’re seeing now is our first ECO mold of the Ontario frame. What’s awesome is we meshed the Kush and polarized lenses together. Colored polarized is something completely new for us, and with the tort-dipped earpieces we gave it an exotic tortoise wash look. What’s really nice is that since these are acetate frames, these can actually be custom molded to fit any individual's face. And the acetate is strong! The cotton-based plastic is even a lot stronger than the wooden frames. Because of its 100% renewable and biodegradable structure, this definitely isn’t your typical plastic. The Ontario Clear Kush Polarized are just as earth friendly as the wood frames which follows the whole movement behind our ECO line.

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I can already tell the Donner’s are going to fly off the shelves! Definitely one of the more stylish of the new line, they have a brown to beige acetate front with a black fade polarized lens. We strayed away from using just the strict pol on this model. We wanted to try something new and instead used a dark to light pol for a smoother look.  The root beer float color scheme accents the rosewood temples perfectly!  What separates these from the others is the wood inlay on the bridge.  The rosewood inlay between the acetate and recycled metal on the temple is something new we’re really excited about. It’s safe to say the Donner Float Fade Polarized turned out looking pretty epic!

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