Warranty Claim

All Proof Eyewear frames come standard with a one-year warranty that covers any manufacturer defects. You can find more information on our warranty policy below.

Before you decide to send us your damaged product through the warranty process, please first reach out to us at customerservice@iwantproof.com, since we can often times offer assistance without requiring you to send in the damaged product. Make sure to include a photo of the issue along with a proof of purchase for verification. If it is necessary to send the damaged product in to us, we will then direct you to do so following the warranty process.

If you purchased an Extend protection plan for your frames. Please refer to the Extend link at the bottom of this page.

Warranty Process:

    1. Locate your original packing slip and check the box for a warranty on that slip. If you no longer have the original packing slip, please print off the warranty document (attached to this page) and fill out the necessary information.
    2. Package the product in its protective case, include the completed packing slip or warranty document in the package, and then postmark the package to the address provided on the packing slip or warranty document.
    3. Once we receive your package you can expect 3-4 business days before the package is processed.
    4. Once the package is processed, the item(s) that were repaired/replaced will be sent out to the address on the original packing slip or the address notated on the warranty form. If you would like the repaired/replaced product to be sent to a different address than what is shown on the packing slip, please indicate the new address on the slip.

 Please note:

  • We encourage you to send your Proof product by a traceable method, as Proof Eyewear is not responsible for any lost or misdirected packages.
  • Please do not return any frames with your prescription lenses inserted. Proof Eyewear is not responsible for any prescription lenses that are received at our facilities.
  • Proof Eyewear is not responsible for any items returned that are not covered under warranty. Any items received that do not qualify for a warranty will be disposed of or sent back to the sender at our discretion. If we allow a non-warrantied product to be returned, the sender will be responsible for any return shipping costs.
  • If you are located internationally, when you fill out the customs information on the package being returned, make sure to mark the package as returned goods and/or the value of the product at a low price. If we receive a package that requires a payment for any duties or taxes, it will be refused and sent back to the sender.


For any questions regarding the Proof warranty policy please contact, customerservice@iwantproof.com

Get Warranty Claim Document (click to download the warranty claim document)

Proof Eyewear Warranty Policy:

We offer a 1-year warranty, from purchase date, on any manufacturer defects that may occur in the materials or workmanship of your Proof Eyewear frames. Proof Eyewear has sole discretion to determine what qualifies as a manufacturer’s defect. *Apparel, accessories, and custom-made Proof Eyewear frames are not covered under this 1-year warranty policy.

Proof Eyewear will only authorize the warranty claim if the product was purchased from our online store or one of our authorized dealers within the US. If you purchased the product from one of our national retailers please first contact them directly. 

Our warranty policy does not cover any product that is lost, stolen, dropped, shattered, sat on, or damaged in any other way as a result of excess or unnatural force. We recommend that all Proof Eyewear frames be stored in a protective hard case whenever not in use to prevent this from happening. Scratched lenses as a result of normal use are not covered by this warranty.

If your product does not qualify under our warranty policy and you purchased an Extend Protection Policy for that product, please click on the link at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions provided there.

Proof Eyewear reserves the right to not send back any irreparable frames sent in under warranty. If a frame sent in is irreparable and no longer under warranty, it will then be processed through our Recycling Program and a discount code will be sent to you.

The 1-year warranty does cover Prescription frames but does NOT cover prescription lenses. Please do not return any frames with your prescription lenses inserted; we are not responsible for any prescription lenses that are received here at the Proof Eyewear facilities.

For breach of any written or implied warranty on this product, the consumer is limited to any damages during repair of the product, replacement of product with an identical or equivalent style, and/or any shipping cost required to send product back to the consumer, at the election of Proof Eyewear. Proof Eyewear is NOT liable for any other damages, such as special, incidental, or consequential damages, resulting from the use of this product. Note: some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of special, incidental, or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusion may not apply to you.