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We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to release our new eco-friendly line to the world! Say hello to the Chinook Lime & Root beer, as well as the Cosmo SMJ’s & Matte Tortoise. If you see yourself as someone who radiates class, the Chinooks are the glasses for you. These definitely have an eye-catching style that people will notice on the spot. What we’re especially excited about on this piece is the wood cylinder across the bridge. This is a really unique style that ties our eco-friendly line back to our wood roots and coordinates with the arms really well. The bridge bar is a really hot style and adds a distinctive look that no one else is doing right now. Another new feature on these that we’re thrilled about is the silicone adjustable temples. There is no one else on the market doing a fully adjustable wood arm, so this definitely makes them one of a kind. h1M9Bcc0OuFLvUwKoB7wXyIplxK2ZEcd7gmUpksJY0g          Ia_ZD7zu68voSDplHF0N95OAkTixSaZLHSeZuznsOIM For those of you not into the chic and sophisticated look the Chinooks give off, that’s okay, because we’re proud to introduce the Cosmo. This one has a pretty standard style compared to some of the others.  It’s got the eco-friendly acetate as well as the holes on the earpieces for your croakies. With two different styles, the SMJ’s and the Matte Tortoise, the Cosmos will be flying off our shelves for sure. The SMJ stands for Sick Michael Jordan’s, representing the same colors as the man himself wore on the court. These also have an innovative elephant print on the inside that adds a lot of personality to them. The Matte Tortoise Cosmos are definitely for the more fashionable wearers out there. ODS9VJ6XoDax3KINfmkiajHI1blN3tDY5R7loinetmQ                Proof Eyewear Eco Wood Cosmo SMJ Polarized Unlike other manufacturers, we made our eco-line out of cellulose-based plastic, not petroleum. If you don’t have a clue what petroleum-based plastic is, here’s a lesson for you. Petroleum contains substances that, when burnt, release CO2, methane, and other noxious gases into the air. They contain sulfur compounds that can cause acid rain and serious environmental damage. Not good, right? Other sunglass companies are contributing to this daily! Most people out there have no idea about this and aren’t aware of any alternative. Well, our new eco-friendly, plant-based sunglasses are the alternative and we couldn’t be happier about how they turned out!

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