• Proof Frontier Project: Ian Harland

    Proof Frontier Project: Ian Harland

    Hometown Adventure You don't always need to travel far to seek adventure, sometimes we forget about the places near home that we can get away to. Ian decided to explore the backcountry of Vancouver, British Columbia, his hometown.  Enjoy, as Ian tells the story of his mini trip to explore new heights... "For a while, I had been wanting to camp at a looking near Vancouver.  One afternoon, I messaged my brother and we both decided to venture up to the mountain to catch the sunset and camp there for the night."   "We were half running to catch the sun, when we...

  • 2018 Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway

    2018 Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway

    Handcrafted + Unique   Are you struggling to find something perfect for the people on your holiday list? We have pulled together our top 5 brands to gift this holiday season. Want a chance to win something from all of these brands...then read on!   1. RareformIG: @rareform Re-purposed & Unique //For the person who was born to stand out, they will truly own a one of a kind item wearing this backpack made out of reclaimed vinyl billboards. Going to class, work, or traveling, you can fit all you need in it, while also making a statement. Bold and unique, their bags...

  • Proof Frontier Project: Michael's Chapter

    Proof Frontier Project: Michael's Chapter

    Bucket List Location Michael takes a detour on his journey home from a friend's wedding and ends up exploring the City of Rocks National Reserve. In his words "Although we only spent a few hours there, it was a rad shoot and checking off one of those I want to go there places on the bucket list."        SEE MORE OF Michael ON HIS INSTAGRAM

  • Proof Frontier Project: Peter Lobozzo

    Proof Frontier Project: Peter Lobozzo

    Teton Crest Trail Peter takes Proof along on a 3-day 40ish mile hike through the Teton Mountain Range. Enjoy, as he tells the story of his adventure... --------------------------------------- When Makayla Crist told me she had the first weekend in July available for a 3-day adventure, I immediately thought of the 40-ish mile Teton Crest Trail which runs along the western high plateau of the Grand Teton mountain range on the border of Wyoming and Idaho.   My little brother Noah has been living with me for the summer before his final year at Bates College, and we've been trying to knock off all...

  • Proof Frontier Project: Chelsea Chen

    Proof Frontier Project: Chelsea Chen

    Discover Utah + Colorado Chelsea takes Proof along on a road trip through the breathtaking state of Utah and Colorado. Enjoy, as Chelsea tells the story of her travels... --------------------------------------- As a girl who wants to see as much of the world as possible, planning a cross-country trip came with its challenges. The main challenge was deciding exactly where to explore on this journey from San Francisco, CA to Pittsburgh, PA. I wanted to go everywhere and see everything, but even I knew that that wasn’t going to be possible on this trip. But one thing I did know was that I needed...