• Proof Frontier Project // Julia Morgan Photography

    Proof Frontier Project // Julia Morgan Photography

    AIR.--------------------------------------- Breathed in and out every day. Every single day.  We don't always notice it–but we need it to survive. That's how the great outdoors feel to me.    We forget how essential they are to human life. To my life, and to yours.  The evidence is in the sharp air sucked into my nose. The icy water gliding over my feet.The golden sunset washing over landscape.  That's all the Proof I need. --------------------------------------- SEE MORE OF JULIA ON HER INSTAGRAM

  • The Peru Project // What's In Our Pack?

    The Peru Project // What's In Our Pack?

      What’s in our pack? The Proof team is headed to Peru for our annual Do Good Project. We depart tomorrow and thought why not share what brands are always our go-to's when packing.  “Everyone has wings to fly, some just need a little help.” For our Do Good Projects, we travel to countries who need a helping hand in regards to economic development, education, visual health, and more. And it is all possible because of our loyal customers and our long-lasting partnership with HELP International, who passionately believe in our mission with us. In Peru, 6.9 million civilians are...

  • Proof Frontier Project: Wild Connections Photography

    Proof Frontier Project: Wild Connections Photography

      Hiking Above 10,000' in the Austrian Alps @WildConnectionsPhotos takes Proof on a stunning hike through their home- The Austrian Alps. Enjoy, as they tell you their story… --------------------------------------- As an adventure wedding photographer, spending time outside and exploring is not just part of my job, it's my life. When I'm not shooting weddings, I'm out exploring new locations with my husband around our home in the Austrian Alps.  There's been a heatwave in Europe the last few weeks, which has certainly been proving a challenge for our weekend adventures.   Last weekend we decided that the only way we were going...

  • Proof Frontier Project: Allison Harp

    Proof Frontier Project: Allison Harp

    Campfires + Sunsets Allison takes Proof along on a weekend of friends, food, and frames in the great PNW. Enjoy, as Allison tells the story of her travels... --------------------------------------- Summers in Bend, Oregon are unlike anything I've ever experienced.     The mountain roads open up after months of being buried under snow, and there's a mass migration to the mountain lakes on warm afternoons and weekend mornings. This was our first trek out of the season to canoe out to our favorite lookout and eat a meal over the fire to ring in the first warm days of summer. SEE MORE OF ALLISON...

  • Proof Frontier Project : Blake Guffin

    Proof Frontier Project : Blake Guffin

    The LAST FRONTIER Blake takes Proof along on a road trip through the breathtaking state of Alaska. Enjoy, as Blake tells the story of his travels... --------------------------------------- Our crew went to Alaska because everyone calls it the Last Frontier and it was something we wanted to experience - pure, unadulterated nature.  There was just something super exhilarating about being around no one and only having what we could bring on our backs.   We saw bears, moose, and all of the other animals you'd expect to see in Alaska, and had a chance to have some close encounters with a few of them while hiking...