• Proof Frontier Project: Maggie Grace

    Proof Frontier Project: Maggie Grace

    Ireland & Scotland @maggiegracephoto As a little girl, I constantly had my head buried in history books. Between King Henry VIII and Mary Queen of Scots, I was constantly reading about the monarchies, battles, and castles scattered across the United Kingdom. My best friend and I found an insane deal on tickets the day after Christmas and booked our 18 day trip to the United Kingdom!   1. Edinburgh, Scotland Edinburgh was something out of a fairytale. I had NO idea just how much I’d fall in love with Scotland. With the Edinburgh Castle rising above the entire city and...

  • The Bear & The Axe  X  Proof Eyewear

    The Bear & The Axe X Proof Eyewear

    We paired up with a Boise local shop, The Bear & The Axe, for limited release Pendleton wool clutches to pair up with your Proof frames.   Arroyo   Southwest   Glacier   Payette   Peaks   Follow @thebearandtheaxe on Instagram for even more beautiful Pendleton wool creations!

  • Holiday Gift Guide 2017

    Holiday Gift Guide 2017

    Stuck trying to think of a gift for that special someone this year? Don't worry too much because we've got you covered. This year we've compiled a list of some of our favorite items for both him and her from our office favorites.    Outerknown Board Shorts  $65  Shorts made from organic cotton, who would have thought it? Well at Outerknown they've done it. These stylish and colorful board shorts made from organic cotton bring the wearer ultimate comfort for the summer months.   Proof Eyewear Pocket Knife $25  What even is a gift guide without a knife on it? Well, we don't want to...

  • Proof Frontier Project: Thomas Higham

    Proof Frontier Project: Thomas Higham

    Iceland by @TomKatt  Let me start out by saying, Iceland literally exceeded all my expectations in every category. Shop: Sawtooth Tortoise   We arrived in Reykjavik and the first thing we did was rent a car. A lot of travelers use the bus system / tour guides, but we had been advised that having your own car is a MUST when exploring Iceland.  Our first Airbnb was in Southern Iceland near Selfoss. It was this tiny little home out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by sheep and miles of beautiful Icelandic views. Jet Lag is definitely real when visiting...

  • The Do Good Program: A Letter

    The Do Good Program: A Letter

    “The destiny of world civilization depends upon providing a decent standard of living for all mankind.” - Norman Borlaug     Dear Reader, Each year we attend at least one international trip in partnership with HELP International to work on humanitarian projects. This effort is the cornerstone of our Do Good Program, and thanks to you, we’re able to continue this program through the proceeds of every sale. As this year’s Do Good trip in Nepal nears, we want to participate in a conversation that has become increasingly prevalent: “voluntourism”. Voluntourism is a term referring to a form of tourism...