Fun. with Tegan and Sara: Summer Nights Tour

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We recently had the joy of having a great night watching Fun. with Tegan and Sara.  It was clear warm night at an amazing botanical garden.  It made the night an intimate experience enjoyed by a vast age range.  It was refreshing to be involved and at a concert and see a pre-teen girl on her fathers shoulders, both of them singing every word.  Meanwhile it was hard for our group to keep from dancing most of the night away. Proof Eyewear ECO WOOD Tegan and Sara Proof Eyewear Tegan and Sara Tegan and Sara opened the show and instantly you could feel an electric energy in the air that would carry throughout the night.  Playing lots of their  songs of their new album they made sure to ring in the classics for their old school fans, hitting everyone's heartstrings as they ended their set with hit single 'Closer' .  As we have supported Tegan and Sara for awhile now it was nice to have the girls stop by the office before the show along with their band.  The whole crew were great people and as everyone saw that night, great performers! Proof Eyewear Tegan and Sara IMG_9256 As the anxiety of waiting for Fun. after Tegan and Sara's awe-inspiring performance, everyone went a little wild once they donned the stage.  Opening with an Intro from the latest album they rolled into a slew of emotionally tearing songs that have strong power pop force. Proof Eyewear Fun. Summer Nights IMG_1581 With lead singer Nate pulling the crowd into his world of poppy melodies, his huge voice that is as pristine as it is on the album, combined with a stage presence that makes the women melt and men dance. IMG_1712 IMG_1664   With the un-finished sentences between songs the feeling that more was to come, like the commercials on TV show leaving you hanging only to come back with an attentive vengeance.  Playing into some of their older albums, it was great to sing along while most had never heard anything other than their newest album. Proof Eyewear Fun.  Proof Eyewear Fun. As dusk crawled over the backdrop the light show took all wandering eyes to the stage as the show grew more intense with every song.  With our office all together the dancing and laughing engulfed the rest of our night.  Everyone smiling with an array of colors running over their face it made for very light mood while they rolled out a Rolling Stones cover.   Leading into a surprise blast of confetti ensuring to the crowd that the band new exactly what they were here for (excuse the pun) Fun! Proof Eyewear Fun. IMG_1734 The Proof crew was very impressed with everything Fun. with Tegan and Sara had to offer definitely one of the concerts of the summer.  Follow the link here to see where they play next!

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