Introducing the Sawtooth Snow Tortoise Polarized !

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We are very excited as we have been moving into all the mediums of glasses that are eco friendly and recyclable.  We introduce our first frame using metals and our cellulose based plastic acetate.  It is fully recyclable frame that is also are first fully adjustable frame.  We have gone with a mystic Snow Tortoise with gold and black accents.  It is a piece that fits well on all faces as the adjust-ability makes it easy to fit and maneuver to each individuals face.  We are very proud to once again make strides and continue to push the brand.  The Sawtooth Snow Tortoise Polarized glasses fit in lime with are theme of timeless classics with the modern Proof twist. IMG_1371 Proof Eyewear Eco Wood Acetate IMG_1373  Sawtooth SnowTortoise Polarized

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