Proof Eyewear Attends What The Festival 2013!?

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As our approach on the quaint drive up to the foothills of the Pacific Northwest with Mt. Hood looming in the background, we had arrive to our destination and could feel the excitement in the air.  The roads lined with stumps donning reflectors for the winding road back to the meadow where the festival is held.  After one of the fastest check-ins we have ever experienced we were directed to our awesome setup.  We had the luxury of landing a VIP camping spot from some friends who had been to the festival the year before.   They insisted we take there spot, for they could not attend this year.  Needless to say being front row within throwing distance of the pool was epic.  We were around a great group of Burning Man attendees and the vibes in the camp were very welcoming and friendly.  This was definitely a plus as we had a focused point for everyone to meet up.  Proving the VIP camping to be well worth it and an excellent way to enjoy the festival. Proof Eco Eyewear What The Festival 2013 Proof Wood Eco Eyewear X What The Festival 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                As many festival goers will know it is quite easy to lose your crew of friends, the beauty of WTF  is that within five feet a new friend awaits! Proof Eyewear ECO Wood x What The Festival 2013 Along with music there were numerous activities that ran throughout the day.  We experienced some of the funnest yoga we have ever done, had an amusing time participating in some parkour training, and had tea at the wee hours of the night in an Alice and Wonderland-esque setting.  We were able to also catch up with a couple of our favorite acts and get them donning some shades as the sun was on full torque all weekend. As the pool was roaring and rolling by the afternoon everyday it was the best possible scenario to beat the heat.  This is also where Classixx took down the house (no pun intended).  Here is a little recap of the wet and wild madness that occurred! PROOF EYEWEAR WTF 2013 ECO EYEWEAR Proof x WTF 2013 ECO EYEWEAR PROOF EYEWEAR Pool Nation WTF 2013 ECO EYEWEAR poolupcloseash Classixx donning the Hayburns while everyone was losing their minds and feeling the beat! Proof EYEWEAR X WTF 2013 ECO WOOD PROOF EYEWEAR ECO EYEWEAR WOOD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Purity Ring put on one of the best performances of the weekend.  We were able to meet up for quick chat before the show that night we rode the railing and danced away in the dust storm which occurred every night of the concert! Proof Eyewear ECO WOOD purity ring 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     By this point of the weekend everyone had put in a solid 10-12 hours of dancing, but the energy was at an all time high. Proof Eyewear What The Festival 2013 Purity Ring ECO EYEWEAR PROOF EYEWEAR ECO WTF 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The stage presence that they have enables you to enter the world of music which Purity Ring creates so well, it is airy, moving, and inspiring! Proof EYEWEAR PURITY RING WTF 2013 PROOF EYEWEAR WTF 2013 ECO EYEWEAR                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               All over the grounds of the festival was amazing imagery and as you fell deeper into the night the colors were enough to entertain. PROOF EYEWEAR X WTF 2013 ECO WOOD nighttimerighttime


As the energy hit a high so did the ever growing dust cloud, Claude Von Stroke refusing to stop at his scheduled time it was by far the dustiest of all the shows! PROOF EYEWEAR X WTF 2013 PROOF EYEWEAR X What the Festival 2013 ECO WOOD Overall this was one of the most entertaining experiences of our summer.  We will be pulling as many friends to join us next year into the escape from the real world which is What The Festival.  The friendliest people, nonstop music, and the opportunity to try a number of different activities you might not find in your normal life.  It's a full on experience and a wise man once said, "Spend your money on experiences, not possessions."  This is one for the ages and with the drive from their awesome staff it's a festival that will be around for years to come.

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