The Peru Project // March 2019

a look back.

We firmly plant our roots in the belief that “Everyone has wings to fly, some just need a little help.” This principle fuels our annual Do Good Program; supporting people and places needing a little more help. Through our partnership with HELP International, Art of Visuals, and our Proof customers, we set out on our 8th Do Good project March 7 – 17th to Peru.
6.9 million Peruvians currently live in poverty, 44% of whom are in rural Peru. According to Peru’s National Statistics Institute (INEI), the country’s poverty rate rose in 2017 to its highest numbers in 16 years.  375,000 more people became impoverished in 2017. Based on these numbers, 1 in every 5 Peruvians (21.7%) were below the poverty line. Rates of extreme poverty–defined as those living less than 183 soles ($56) per month – are at 3% in the entire country and a staggering 12% in rural areas.
Just like our glasses, our Do Good projects are not one-size-fits-all, our efforts specifically catered to the needs of individuals and communities in Peru. We dedicated ourselves to creating sustainable change related to economic development, environmental conservation, education, and visual health. Working together with the people of Peru, the projects were designed to help to co-create change and empower the people of Peru to continue to fight poverty.

Over10 days, a group of 28 volunteers took over 12 flights to help co-create sustainable change alongside the communities of Peru. This $20k project was funded by Proof Eyewear through a percentage of sales made by our customers and in total we:
Screened 592 people
Distributed 327 glasses
Performed 370 fluoride treatments
Extracted 127 infected teeth
Taught proper dental cleaning for 599 people
Donated 588 toothbrushes and toothpaste
Demonstrated 4 hygiene lessons
Painted 2 classrooms
Funded 3 wells
Planted/Donated 500 trees
Cleared 4 km of road
Constructed 4 stoves
Funded 600 gallons of fuel
Provided 9 sets of bedding
Built 1 greenhouse

Our Do Good projects focus on how we can give back in a way that makes a movement, not just a moment in someone’s life. Ironically, with how much we give in donations each year, we truly feel like we are getting more in return. Let the planning for our next trip begin! 

- The Proof Family 
Proof Team: Tanner Dame / Brooks Dame / Taylor Dame / Darlene Dame / Nixon Dame / Jennifer Bernhardt / Jesse Goodwin / Isaac Garrett 

HELP International:  Natalie Peterson / Jen Itri / Grey Maxson / Alonso Tello / Pedro Reategui / Sandra Peña

Art of Visuals: Vierra Reid 

Ambassadors: Dusty Kleiner / Lindsay Stevens

Volunteers: Rich Brown / Lyndsey Bull / Jake Henstrom / Shanon Born / Tate Born / Tiffany Ahlbach / Bassem Girgis / Eric Ballou / Nicole Ballou / Eva Ballou / Charlie Ballou / Leann Vaterlaus 

Giveaway Winner: Shaylyn Berntson

A special thanks to our partners HELP International and Art of Visuals

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