The Dad-Approved Gift Guide

10 Father's Day Inspired Gifts // It's not just about a tie.

For this year's Father's Day consider treating your rad dad to the gift he deserves! Here are our top picks to make sure you won't disappoint the man: 


1. HYDROFLASK // Insulated Coffee Mug

Coffee = dad fuel. Whether he’s at home or on-the-go, Dad deserves his coffee the way he likes it.


Did you say fanny packs were in? Sorry, I couldn’t hear over dad boasting about his new dad-bag. He told me to tell you he’s trendy, and so are these packs. Operation all dads need this hip pack has commenced

3. PROOF EYEWEAR // Ontario Wood Sunglasses

For a man that has everything, does he have sunglasses handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood? 

4. TENKARA ROD CO. // White Cloud Rod Package

Happiness is fishing with Dad. Escape the long work hours for a short getaway of fishing small streams. This package contains their shortest and softest rod perfect for Dad to go on and on about.

5. HARI MARI // Pier Sandals

Suns out, toes out! All this good weather means it’s time for flip flops. Cheers to Hari Mari’s amazing and most comfortable summer sandals for men. Even more of a reason to cheers that dad can finally go get a pedicure now.

6. ICE MULE COOLERS // Pro X-Large Insulated Cooler

Life is good, but it’s even better with a cold one. Or two. Or three. Either way, the world’s coldest hands-free cooler is key to a good time.

7. KEEP NATURE WILD // Stand Tall Cactus Tee

Help Dad stand tall for what he believes in with this awesome Saguaro Cactus tee. Stand tall for a clean environment too, as Keep Nature Wild will remove 1 lb of trash for every product sold!

8. SENDERO PROVISIONS CO. // National Park Hat 

We see your dad out there trying to cover up the hair he no longer has on the top of his noggin'. At least be adventurous with it and add a Sendero hat to his collection.

9. RARE FORM // Anderson Wallet 

Is it just me or does every Dad have the same looking wallet? It’s time to change it up with some amazingly designed wallets repurposed from Billboard vinyl. Check out their other designs too!


Give dad a mythological Greek boss-man look with some vegan-friendly products this Father’s Day. P.S. there are products for our no bearded fathers too!


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