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Posted on by Jen Bernhardt

Re-Exploring Our Island

Haleakala Crater National Park: Maui, Hawaii 

Growing up on an island, sometimes you feel like you’ve seen it all. The same beaches, same waterfalls, the epic spots that tourists dream about sometimes become mundane. 

When we start feeling this way, under-appreciating the insane beauty around us, we like to take a trip up to Haleakala Crater to get some clarity from 10,000 feet up! 

The views from our volcano mountain here on Maui are absolutely stunning. The crater is covered with black rocks and red sand, and it makes you feel as if you’re transported to another planet! 

With a volcano erupting on a nearby island, our sunsets have definitely been a little extra.

Taking in the amazing view with friends and skateboarding above the clouds was a perfect way to unwind and take the time to appreciate the island again.  


Maholo Kimberly + Christina Wark for bringing us along with you!


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