Proof Frontier Project: Lexis Taylor

Posted on by Jen Bernhardt

Pushing Through Comfort Zones

“Hanging from the side of a giant rock wall is one of my favorite sensations. You just feel small and humble. It helps put life into perspective.”

 The aspect of Lexis Taylor’s art that impresses us the most is the unspoken work behind every shot. We see the image of someone climbing a wall and are easily impressed, but those images tell a much deeper story. A story of people pushing boundaries. A story of people escaping the routine in search of the incredible.

We live in such a busy world and admire those who break free in search of adventure. Lexis explains that “Having grown up nestled at the base of the Wasatch Mountain range...southern Utah offers the perfect weekend getaway.”

Here’s to pushing comfort zones and discovering new capabilities. Thanks @lexistaylorphoto for bringing us along with you.


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