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Good Times & Sunshine

If I could put my photography style into words, I’d call it: one part goofball, two parts sunshine. My images are largely influenced by my southern California roots and my obsession with surf culture. And the goofball part? That might be hard to spot in the images themselves, but you’ll notice laughter as a common theme.

When I’m shooting, I like to keep it candid and fun. Put a camera up to my face, and the dad jokes and poor dance moves are sure to make an appearance. I embarrass myself; people laugh; and voila! An image is born.

For this photoshoot, in particular, we drove from San Diego to Palm Springs, a little retro oasis tucked in the middle of the barren landscape. Driving into this place is like driving into a time where people drove candy-colored convertibles and sipped on glass Coca-Cola bottles. The streets are lined with palm trees, the one-story homes are accented with funky colored front doors, and there are cacti, swimming pools, and retro signs everywhere you look. AKA Palm Springs is a photographers dream.

We started our day at the Windmill Fields, which we got to by driving down a dirt road in my little two-wheel drive. I must say…they chose the right place to put these massive things. It was SO windy!

 Next up, we went to The Amado, a boutique hotel in the area that was kind enough to let us borrow their space to shoot for the day. How perfect are those orange doors?

We finished off the day by visiting the most photogenic cactus garden ever and skating down palm-tree lined streets.

If you ever find yourself in Palm Springs, make sure you check out the windmill fields, the house with the pink door, the Saguaro Hotel, the Parker Hotel (for the perfect Instagram photo), and the Moorten Botanical Garden (you may see their “Cactarium” popping up on your feed a lot)!

Overall: Palm Springs? Unbelievably photogenic. Proof Eyewear? My eyes have never been happier. It was the perfect California day.


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