Proof Frontier Project: Austin Mollins & Jesse Lyon

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Lighthouse Park

Austin Mollins & Jesse Lyon's journey began with the winding roads of North Vancouver; making their way to the entrance of Lighthouse Park.

The Plan

They decided to hit a small trail to the coast so they could catch the sunset and bask in the rare sighting of the sun.

Austin knew Jesse loves the forest, so she anticipated spending more time there. "It's like putting a kid in a candy store" - Austin. 

Time for the sunnies.

"It's like a ritual when the sun comes out the sunnies come out with it" - Austin

Off to the Lighthouse.

Ready to go, they head toward the ocean, but not before they take a few snaps on the way. 

"We made it!"

The couple sees their first glance of the water.  Here, Jesse scopes out his nap spot. 


The "The lighthouse is lit beautifully, the ocean crashing against the rocks.  A chatter of the birds flying above, and the occasional boat skipping off the waters' edge.  Perfect night to watch the sunset" - Austin.

"As the last light slips below the horizon, we gasp in the beautiful pastel colours. The temperature drops like early spring days, we are reminded that the sun is a beautiful thing" - Austin

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