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Springtime in Miami

If you're not living by a beach right now, Anna Cook is about to give you some serious spring fever with her vintage-y travels through Miami. She took Proof on a little adventure armed with her trusty camera. It was a pleasure partnering up with this talented photographer for a Frontier Project. Now let's have Anna take it from here!

​Miami Beach is like this candy-colored wonderland. We opted to rent bikes and cruise along the boardwalk during golden hour and it was magic. We wove through sun soaked crowds of people and rushed past manicured hotel lawns all while catching pieces of conversations and music that ebbed and flowed around us like the Atlantic. It felt like we were winding through the biggest living and breathing art installment in the world.

Frames: Elmore

Although Miami is traditionally considered to be a concrete jungle, it neighbors Everglades National Park which is an incredibly unique and important biosphere. Some of my favorite moments spent on the trip where the times when we were able to escape the city and enjoy a little bit of greenery.

Frames: Ontario

I know that I already said my favorite parts of the trip were spent soaking up some greenery, but my other favorite part of the trip was spent at the beach, soaking up some bluery. Bluery is a word right?

Fortunately for all of us, the city of Miami has been very proactive about preserving its Art Deco architecture. Perhaps equally as beautiful as its natural scenery is South Beach's bold geometric skyline.


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