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This month we teamed up with Canvas Headwear

for our Monthly Instagram Giveaway! 

↠ Post a photo of what you think the #NatureOfProof is before midnight MST of October 3rd
↠ Tag @proofeyewear
↠ Use the hashtag #NatureOfProof

The Ontario Black Maple - $130 value

The Slab 2.0 Wood Wallet - $18 value



Tweed Typography 5 Panel with Stash Pocket - $39.99 value


Sylvestre 5 Panel - $39.99 value



The Canvas Typography line. Featuring 100% cotton canvas and 100% tweed imported from Italy makes these hats very durable and comfortable. The crowning jewel of these hats is their signature “stash pocket” allowing you to stow away all your precious belongings. The stash pocket was tested by Andrew and his team on bike - stashing keys, credit cards and other useful carryalls. The signature Canvas hand construction and shorter 63mm brim ad to the sex appeal of this silhouette.



  • 100% Imported Italian Wool
  • 100% Cotton Canvas
  • Stash pocket for valuables
  • 63mm shorter brim
  • Leather Strap 
  • Hand Constructed


Each hat is hand constructed after being designed by world class designers. Canvas does not employ a single designer. Everything we do is based on collaborative partnerships. Hats are limited, special edition pieces that will never be available for sale again. The hats are made with the quality to last a life time, and the look to accompany it. 

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