The Nepal Project

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After the first earthquake hit, we wanted to act quickly to raise funds for disaster relief and rebuilding efforts in the Himalayan nation. On May 1st & 2nd, 100% of all online sales at was donated to HELP International who had already started organizing aid for the devastation faced. Our customers came together from around the globe to support the relief efforts in Nepal.

As a whole, we were able to donate over $6,000 which exceeded our expectations and reminded us that we're all global citizens who are willing to lend a helping hand in times of need. Our bird logo represents the belief, “Everyone has wings to fly, some just need a little help." Our customers who made purchases for this donation were just another example of this Do Good mantra.

Latest Update From HELP International:

"The team has been doing so well. Nepal is a beautiful country and everyone has loved working with the people here. We have been focusing on a mix of earthquake relief projects when we are out in the villages and working with marginalized target groups of abused and trafficked women and children when we are in the city. We have been lending most of our support to Raksha Nepal when we are in the capital of Kathmandu. Helping support and expand the reach of their projects has included working with a day care for sex workers' children, teaching at an adult women's literacy class, tutoring the teenage girls and children at the shelter, and establishing a resource learning center including setting up a library and fixing up a computer lab for them. (Someone had given them computers but they weren't being used and the whole room needed a ton).

In the villages we have been focusing on schools and individual families that lost their homes. We put up 25 temporary learning center tent classrooms in 6 school locations and helped place 150-175 sets of new desks and chairs for needy schools in a nearby district. We painted 17 newly given homes to earthquake victims and gave each family 30 kilos of rice. We've done earthquake clean-up, digging out buried homes and walkways, as well as demolition of cracked and damaged homes that will then be rebuilt. Today we are headed out to the village to build 6 new homes for families in a district where 99% of the homes collapsed in the quake. 

I hope you know how grateful I have been for Proof and your team. When one of the poorest countries in the world gets devastated by something like the earthquake that hit here, it just doesn't seem fair or like people will ever be able to catch back up. Knowing that we have some support with our friends at Proof and more funding to do these projects has been wonderful, so thank you."

-Suzanne Whitehead from HELP Intl

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