With Vibe

Good vibes for your eyes

The Proof ReVibe Lens is a TAC lens that provides crisp visuals and protects your precious pupils at the same time. These lenses protect from UVA/UVB rays and are polarized to reduce glare and enhance clarity. ReVibe lenses rejuvenate the eyes and mind offering good vibes to anyone wearing them by enhancing visuals and bringing vibrant colors and textures to your eyes. Offered in a wide range of color tints and mirrors, each lens offers forward thinking style and ideal functionality for wherever adventure takes you. Whether land or sea, mountain or stream, forest or river, we’ve got a lens for every environment.


  • Base Curve 2
    Base Curve 6
    Base Curve 8

    The base curve is the radius of the sphere measured from the back of the lens. The wraps from the ECO Collection feature styles with both a 6 and an 8 base curve. The Tetons, which include a 6 base curve tend to be more flat on the wearer's face. While frames and lenses that feature 8 base curves, allow the frame and lenses to wrap on the wearer's face.

  • Hinges

    Spring Loaded

    All of the frames in the Wood and Skate Collections come standard with a stainless steel spring hinge. This allows the frame to comfortably fit a wide range of face sizes and shapes. The spring loaded hinge also offers increased durability.

    Barrel Hinge

    All frames in our ECO Collection are equipt with a 5 or 3 barrel stainless steel hinges depending on the frame selected. The sturdy hinge allows durability and comfort keeping your temples straight and in place at all times.

    • Aluminum Collection
    • Wood Collection
    • Eco Collection
    • Skate Collection
    • Aluminum Aluminum

      Our Aluminum Collection is made from discarded aluminum scraps. After being recycled & broken down, the aluminum is super-heated (1,221°F or 660.3°C) into molten aluminum then poured into sheets & cast into custom silhouettes. Aluminum is known for being strong, durable & very lightweight, averaging 3x lighter than the standard metal frame on the market.

      Aluminum Frame
    • Wood wood

      The Wood Collection is known for its natural beauty as well as it's sustainable roots. All species of wood are collected from certified sustainable forests in Northern America. The wood is harvested, then put through a thorough selection process to guarantee premium large scale cuts are selected. These larger cuts are then hand cut into smaller eyeglass shaped pieces. A CNC router finally shapes the glasses into perfect frames. After receiving hand-treated stains and a waterproof finish the frames are ready to be sent out to stylish people all over the globe.

      Wood Frame
    • Eco Eco

      Our Environmentally Conscious Optics (ECO) Collection is created from cotton based acetates. The cotton is harvested from sources within the United States and Canada, purified, then aged. In the aging process, partial hydrolysis occurs and flakes are dissolved into acetone. After the solution is filtered, filaments are stretched and wound then spun into fibers. Those fibers are infused into our very own acetate slabs which are then hand cut into the premium styled frames we know you'll love.

      ECO Frame
    • Skate Skate

      Our Skate Collection is made from Canadian based Maple wood. After being deconstructed, layered skateboard materials make an extremely durable line of sustainable frames. The vibrant color combinations and versatile prints of the Skate Collection make a fun statement piece for any individual. The durability of the skate decks ensure the highest standard of wood and we pride ourselves on using the best in order to guarantee these durable frames.

      Skate Frame
  • Prescription

    Our unique wood prescription line was developed so that wach frame comes equipped with a simple system to insert the lenses you need. There’s a small screw found underneath the eyebrow of each frame that can be used to split the frame to allow lenses to be inserted and taken out.