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Business2Community author, , recently wrote an online article featuring 5 beautiful brands that are on Instagram. As we were scrolling through the list, we noticed some familiar brands and were completely delighted to see that our account made the list! So thank you IG community for following us on our Instagram journey! Here's the article: As a brand, you should always aim to increase engagement in order to grow your audience. For this, you have to share compelling content that inspires action among your followers. Sharing wonderful photos on your own is a great start, but getting help from your community is a notch cooler (and more effective). Instagram is known to be a powerful platform to source User Generated Content. These 5 brands are using one or several hashtags to gather UGC. Need some inspiration to do it too? Check out their accounts and a few ideas from us to get started.

Roots Canada – Outdoor clothing

5 Beautiful Brands on Instagram, and How You Can Do the Same image rootscanada cover1 Canadian outdoor clothing brand Roots is putting together a striking Instagram account. With #FindYourAdventure, it manages to catch user generated photos and flaunts them over its website. But it doesn’t stop there: the best#FindYourAdventure Instagram posts are re-shared from the @rootscanada account, often alongside an inspirational quote which goes well with outdoorsey content (Mark Twain is always a good choice for that). The biggest lesson from Root is to spread your use of UGC throughout several mediums: your brand’s Instagram, website, other social channels… all are relevant choices depending on what you want to achieve.

Topo Designs – Bags

5 Beautiful Brands on Instagram, and How You Can Do the Same image topodesigns cover1 From the get go, it’s very visible how Instagrammy Topo Design’s account looks. In addition to the beautiful photos…
  • Topo uses a savant mix of owned and earned content to fill up its timeline. It sources photos where users mentions the brand’s Instagram account, or its hashtags.
  • Topo has a secondary account for its flagship store (@topodesignsflagship) for more targeted photos and store-specific announcements. But you’ll note that it’s as beautiful as the main Topo account.
  • Although most photos from Topo show products and have branding elements to them, they enter into a larger narrative. No sales pitch is to be found here.
  • Topo replies to questions and feedback, like here for example. Many brands have learned to do so on Twitter, but only a few are already doing it on Instagram. However, this practice is picking up.

Tretorn – Shoes & Outwear

5 Beautiful Brands on Instagram, and How You Can Do the Same image tretorn cover1 Tretorn uses a variety of well-known high-scoring types of posts to hype up its account.#FromwhereIstanddetails and tattoos (and cats, obviously)Flat Lays… Once again, Tretorn uses brand-specific hashtag#tretorntales to gather user submitted photos. The best ones are re-shared by the account. This allows Tretorn to constantly push out new photos. The brand is averaging between 2 to 5 new post per day and currently has over 1,100 posts to its name. Wonder how to track your hashtags to gain insights into your contributors and to re-use the best photos for your account? The Nitrogram app can help.

Proof Eyewear – Eyewear (duh!)

5 Beautiful Brands on Instagram, and How You Can Do the Same image proofeyewear cover1 Proofeyewear’s main hashtag to source content is the smartly found #IWantProof. Scouting through the brands’ posts, you’ll find that they have several ones, attending to various types of content: #NatureOfProof gathers landscapes and sun-filled pics relevant for the sunglasses brand. What’s more: every friday, the brand shares a video featuring the best photos shared by fans during the week. An additional way to diversify content, especially when it comes to sharing videos on Instagram.

OAK – Apparel

5 Beautiful Brands on Instagram, and How You Can Do the Same image oaknyc cover Because we didn’t want to give you the impression that only outdoorsey brands could look good on Instagram, here’s OAK and its account centered around its stores. Just look at the work of art in the cover image above to get an idea of how artsy this account is. #OAK may not be the most relevant hashtag for the brand given the ambiguity of the word. This is solved by #OAKNYC and the clever play on words done to refer to all the stores: #newyoakcity#broaklyn,#loakangeles, and apparently, #oaklala for Paris (Oh la la, why not?). That said, having a beautiful account doesn’t mean parting with business-oriented goals. You’ll see that on several posts, like this one with a job offer, or this one advertising a new pair of shoes. Source Link That being said, if you don't already follow us on Instagram, check us out!

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