2014 Global Purpose Summit

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On March 4, 2014, Proof traveled to the 2nd Annual Global Purpose Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. Hundreds of companies were nominated around the world for the SunTrust Purpose Grant, and Proof was one of the five finalists. It was a huge honor to be nominated as well as attend the summit!
Business has a responsibility and the unique ability to elevate society; to make more good more available to more people. At the Global Purpose Summit, purpose-inspired leaders address the power of purpose to serve as both a financial force as well as a force for good. Through an open panel dialogue, these leaders enlist attendees in a journey to: build a new model for business, identify new mentors for business, and create new measures for business – all in service of the business we call life.
Dr. Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King, and Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi were keynote speakers at the conference. They addressed the power of purpose to inform and inspire through open dialogue and leadership. The moderators were the C.E.O. & Founding Editor of Little PINK Book, Cynthia Good as well as Joey Reiman, the CEO & Founder of BrightHouse. Panelists included Helen Kurtz of General Mills, Chris Goodman of KPMG, Patricia Hecker of Mopar Brand, and Emmet Burns of SunTrust Bank. We also got to meet the one and only Evander Holyfield (who rocks The Donner frame like no other). Here are a few photos of the summit:









Video highlights from the 2014 Global Purpose Summit can be found HERE!

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