Brady Perron Crafted from the Ground Up

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This is an image that we captured of Brady as we spent the afternoon with him. Proof teamed up with an advertising agency to develop some print and video ads. The team that worked on the project did a great job researching what the core message of Proof really was. They came up with,"Crafted from the Ground Up." Right when we heard it we loved it. There are so many dimensions that the simple statement connects with the brand. The most obvius is that the product, wood sunglasses, are literally crafted from the ground up. The medium grows from the Earth and gives the craftsman such a great medium to work with. They are individual crafted and finished. Another way this statement also fits into our customers. Each are individual and have been developing something that makes up who they are. It may be a unique style that represents who they are and wood eyewear adds to that. It could be that they are a musician and they have been developing a craft for their whole lives. For Brady it's skiing and he has been developing it for a while now. It's his craft, it's unique, and it's part of who he is. Check back in soon to see more spotlights of others that are "Crafted from the Ground Up."

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