The Peru Project // What's In Our Pack?


What’s in our pack?

The Proof team is headed to Peru for our annual Do Good Project.
We depart tomorrow and thought why not share what brands are always our go-to's when packing.

“Everyone has wings to fly, some just need a little help.” For our Do Good Projects, we travel to countries who need a helping hand in regards to economic development, education, visual health, and more.

And it is all possible because of our loyal customers and our long-lasting partnership with HELP International, who passionately believe in our mission with us.

In Peru, 6.9 million civilians are living in poverty. Proof and HELP International will work to provide education and health resources, as well as dental care, dental education, and eye screenings to Peruvians living in the cities of Lima, Cajamarca, and Cusco.

You might have gathered we need to pack light! To provide useful and reliable volunteering, our pack has to be accessible and versatile; equipped with all gear for sunny to cloudy skies, and muddy to drylands.

We want to show you our favorite brands and their items that allow us to be prepared for the unknown.

The Pack // @gregorypacks

We have to pack smart and everything must fit in a carry-on sized bag. Since we are traveling to multiple cities within Peru, a rolling suitcase or duffle just won’t cut it. That is why we are bringing Gregory Packs on our travels.

The Jade 53 pack is perfect for international travel. The pack features back ventilation, an adjustable hipbelt, a rain cover, a hydration attachment, a sunglass harness, many compartments, and much more. To this we say, bring on the unknown because we have our Gregory Pack!

Toiletries // @goodwipes and @nektorsunscreen
We don’t know about you, but hard work makes us breaks a sweat, and we want to be prepared! GoodWipes are our go-to for maintaining proper hygiene overseas. GoodWipes products include, Body Wipes (a shower in a wipe), as well as ‘Down There’ and ‘Below the Belt’ wipes for women and men.

The wipes are made from sustainable products, are 100% biodegradable and compostable, and are eco-friendly. No chemicals.

And they give back! 1% of total sales goes to NEWSTORY, a non-profit that helps fight global homelessness.

Thanks @goodwipes, for making us feel clean while doing what we both love: giving back!

Our next toiletry item is Nektor Sunscreen, a natural sun care company. Since some days will be sunny, and others rainy, we want to make sure we are protecting our skin. Nektor offers a SPF 50 Face Sunscreen, a tinted Face Stick, and Original and Coconut flavored SPF Lip Balms. Our favorite product, and one that will be in our pack, is the SPF 50 Face Sunscreen. It comes in a metal tin that is great for travel and is small enough to fit in any compartment of our pack. It is made up of organic ingredients such as Virgin Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Calendula Flowers infused with Organic Jojoba Oil, and Non-GMO Vitamin E. A brand we can trust to protect our skin.

Nektor products are also ‘Reef Safe’. Meaning, if we were to jump into a body of water after applying the SPF 50 Face Sunscreen, no harsh chemicals will be polluting the water.

We dig it.

Clothes // @keepnaturewild, @lemsshoes, and @smartwool
Many apparel brands are coming along to Peru with us. First, Keep Nature Wild. For shirts and hats, Keep Nature Wild has donated apparel for our volunteers and Proof Ambassadors to wear in Peru.

For every product sold, one pound of trash is removed from nature. With this, they have five key principles that make Keep Nature Wild the brand that is it: building community by picking up trash outside, standing for what we stand on, use funds to sponsor cleanups, make products with nature in mind, and make the world a better place.

For shoes, Lems hiking boots are always our first choice. Due to the constant travel and work, Lems’ boots fit right to the foot inside the shoe, giving toes extra room in the front of the boot. At Proof, we are all about comfort, and Lems allows us to do the hard work, comfortably.

Lastly, socks. Smartwool are our go-tos! For both men and women, they have 10 different categories of socks. For our trip, we are bringing along hiking and walking socks.

Smartwool uses Merino wool in their products in order for people to go on longer and father in their travels, without letting cold feet stand in their way. Part of their mission, is making sure the sheep that carry the wool are treated humanely, the workers who obtain the wool are treated fairly, and the farms that keep the sheep are working on causing less of a negative impact on the environment.

Sunglasses // @proofeyewear
You guessed it, the Proof Eyewear frames we will be bringing along in our pack are the Peru Project Special Edition frames. They are handcrafted from sustainable wood, and carry polarized, UVA-UVB protected lens. For a memorable touch, we added the Llama on the left temple.

Along with our frames, we are also bringing along the Proof Essentials Kit. The kit includes an on-the-go leather case for protection, a sunglass strap, ammonia-free lens cleaner, a microfiber square cloth, and a microfiber pouch to store all of these good in.

These items will assist in keeping our frames clean and protected throughout our travels in Peru.

Water Bottle // @lifestraw
We mentioned that hard work makes us breaks a sweat, so a reusable water container for accessible hydration is always in our pack. However, many countries are not able to have access to a clean, running, water supply. That is why we use LifeStraw on our international travels.

LifeStraw provides water filter devices for personal use, travel, and humanitarian and emergency prep. While we recommend any of their bottles for safe water-drinking, we will be bringing the LifeStraw Go bottle. The bottle is BPA free, and the filter stick in the middle kills bacteria, heavy metals, parasites, and other chemical waste from any water source.

Also, LifeStraw gives back! For every product sold, children in need receive clean water for an entire school year.

We love it when brands do that.

Food // @munkpack and @yumbutter
We never know when we are going to need a quick snack. That is why we enlisted Munk Pack and Yum Butter products to come along with us. Munk Pack provides protein cookies, as well as oatmeal in squeezable packs. Both products are made plant based, gluten, soy, and dairy free, as well as non-GMO. Basically, just two protein-packed, clean, snacks that can get one through until the next meal.

YumButter provides nut butter products in jars, or in accessible squeezable packs as well. Their products are made from organic, non-GMO, and allergen-free probiotics that make their butters delicious, and nutrient-packed. YumButter also works to feed malnourished children in Guatemala, through a ‘Buy One, Feed One’ approach.

Tech // @goalzero and @skullcandy
Although there won’t be much time to be on our phones or other devices, which we appreciate, we still want to bring all the tech necessities.

First, let’s face it. We have all forgotten an adaptor when traveling internationally. It seems so important, but in the midst of packing, it is quickly left in the dust. That is why we are bringing Goal Zero’s Switch 10 Core Solar Kit. The kit acts as a portable phone charger, flashlight, and fan, all power sourced by solar energy. So, just in case we did forget an adaptor, or we don’t have access to an outlet, the Goal Zero’s Switch 10 Core Solar Kit will save the day.

The next tech item, and the final item in our pack, are headphones. The plane rides, bus rides, and hard work all require some good tunes. Therefore, Skullcandy is coming to Peru with us! With many styles and colors to choose from, we are stoked Skullcandy is allowing us to bring our favorite music with us on our travels.

Everything is in our pack and we are ready to go! Make sure to follow along on our Instagram to see our travels through Peru. We have a feeling we will be more than prepared for the unexpected and unknown!

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