The Nepal Project 2017

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Image by: Dusty Klein


Nepal Project 2017: The Highlights


Here at Proof Eyewear, we firmly plant our roots in the belief that “Everyone has wings to fly, some just need a little help.” This principle fuels our annual Do Good Program; supporting people and places needing a little help. Through our partnership with HELP International and our Proof customers, we have traveled, volunteered, and donated to projects around the world. For our seventh annual project on November 19 - 26, 2017 we chose Nepal.

Home to Mt. Everest, rich culture, stunning landscapes, welcoming people, and diverse wildlife; Nepal is a treasure. However, being among the poorest and least developed countries of the world, Nepalese people have limited access to health care and economic opportunities, which in turn puts women and children at risk of sex trafficking. Not to mention, the devastating earthquake from 2015 continues to impact Nepal to this day. HELP International invited us to work at two organizations fighting a spectrum of these issues.

A huge thank you to HELP International and especially Suzanne Whitehead for her partnership.

HELP International: Suzanne Whitehead, Jen Itri

Raksha Nepal: Menuka Thapa, Kumari, Muna 

Dentist: Eric Ballou

Ambassadors: Chelsea Yamase, Sam Potter, Brad Pearson, Dusty Klein

Proof Team: Tanner Dame, Brooks Dame, Cristi Dame, Kirsten Atkinson, Jennifer Bernhardt

Volunteers: Lyndsey Bull, Rich Brown, Shanon Clowers, Vierra Ried,Matt James, Cassie Webster, Malin Hall, Jake Henstrom

Giveaway Winner: Emma Laurion

Read the full travel journal here.

Serving Others in Kumari

This beautiful remote village was located on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Through a dusty, bumpy hilly road, we arrived at The Sukuman Memorial Polyclinic in Kumari. 

While there, we treated 468 people for dental and eye care. 

Image by: Vierra Reid

We distributed over 640 tooth brushes along with instructions on how to properly brush.

Images by Cristi Dame

"Jagget our host was one of the kindest men I have ever met. He told us his story of growing up in the village and always experiencing the struggles of being so far from healthcare. When he was younger, his father, a farmer, had fallen from a terrace and become life threateningly injured. No one knew where he was and when they finally found him, there was really nothing that could be done. Jagget made it his life goal to make healthcare available for people in these rural villages to avoid more incidents like this. It took his whole life (up to this point) but he succeeded and has developed a beautiful and successful health clinic for the village of Kumari." - Emma Laurion, Getaway Winner. Read more on her blog: here.


Enjoying Nepal's Delights

Monkey Temple



The day spent in Pokhara provided us lifetime of memories relishing in Nepal’s delights. We had several options to spending the day, but paragliding was certainly the biggest hit out of them all. Leaping off a cliff with a local guide and floating above Pokhara provided unforgettable views of the himalayas and the city below.

Images by: Dusty Klein 

 Left: Chelsea Yamase / Right: Brad Pearson

Sharing a Day of Thanks

Film by Sam Potter


Love from the Locals

 Images by: Dusty Klein 

“Everyone on our crew knows I can't resist miniature giggles, so they told me to leave my task on the roof to play. I snagged every child I could find, put us into a circle, and taught them how to play Duck, Duck, Goose. At one point, I had five girls surrounding me for the makeover of my life complete with hand-me-down earrings, white out for French tips, and all of the make-up they could find.

On our way back to the eye & dental camp, one of the girls grabbed me by my wrist to show me her home. I ducked getting into the small hut with just enough room for two small beds to fit a mother and her three children. She told me about how her father had passed away a few years back from a heart attack but that she was okay and not to worry. I never fall for that line. I grabbed her perfect face, and we shared one of those hugs that transcends cultural boundaries.

As we were walking to our bus later that day to leave, my heart broke knowing that we will most likely never cross paths again. It will always astound me how quickly you can let people in — I fully believe this is what we were created for, moments that look just like that.” reflected Proof volunteer and filmographer, Vierra Reid.


Gondola Rides Towards the Sky

Image by Brad Pearson



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