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 Are you looking for a one of a kind experience? Check out Stay Wild Expo. We are excited to be apart of the first ever Expo in Portland, Oregon from August 26-28, 2016. Unique brands of all sizes and festival goers from all over will be coming together for a weekend of self expression, letting loose, and learning a thing or two. We’ll be showing off our eco friendly glasses and how they fit freely into your lifestyle. Look for us in the Proof Eyewear Airstream.

Stay Wild Expo details below:

The Stay Wild EXPO

Field Trips // Workshops // Trade Show // Party



Free & Open to the Public


An adventure festival should facilitate adventure, so we’ve got a grand list of activities to do in the water, in the forest, on the trail, down the road, up the mountain, and in the city. Our workshops are led by experts in different fields and designed to get people outside working with their hands, learning new skills, and actually making something they can take home other than notes.

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Unlike other trade shows, attendance is free and open to the public. The application process was open to anyone, so we have a healthy mix of bigger and smaller brands that are all making our favorite adventure stuff.

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Eat, drink, dance, and trip out to awesome art, live music, yummy flavors, and good old fashioned craziness. It's all the stuff you love about festival life, but without the commitment.

Bands: The Mattson 2, Little Wings, Bitch’n, Ozarks, Denver, Cat Hoch

Artists: Souther Salazar, Aj Fosik, Lori D., Michael C. Hsiung, kozynda, and more…

Food & Drink: Tilt, New Belgium Brewing, Brew Dr. Kombucha, Thomas & Sons Distillery and more…


After brunch you’ll ride a bike to the the MAX into the underground elevator that takes you up to the the top of Washington Park. The elevator doors will open across the street from the main Hello Dome where you’ll pick up your guidebook and event schedule.

You’ll stroll through the outdoor Maker’s Market featuring hand-dyed hammocks, leather goods, shoe makers, backpacks, and other cool stuff.

Head over to Half Dome Hall to see your favorite outdoor adventure brands, who have set up exciting displays of what’s new. You’ll also see the art show, grab a drink and eat on a blanket in the grass.

You might have already decided on a Field Trip or Workshop from the guidebook by now. Passing on a motorcycle ride or one of the hikes, you choose to go to the coast to see some new surfboards and attend a photography workshop.

When you get back from that epic adventure, you’ll head back to Half Dome Hall for dinner and some drinks before partying to some awesome bands.

Each of the three days will have a new schedule of bands, workshops, and field trips. It’s everything you love about a festival and a real life adventure together at last.

“This fest is for risk-takers, trailblazers, do-it-yourself-ers, and the creators of culture—not the consumers of it,” explains Stay Wild founder, Justin “Scrappers” Morrison. In other words? People like you.

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