Proof in Cuba

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Proof boss Tanner recently explored the beautiful country of Cuba with his wife, Dar, and their daughter Florence. Dar was kind enough to give us a little insight on their adventure.


I have always thought that if I were to go back into time, the 60's would be my jam. I could see myself being that girl who was commonly seen at the soda shop drinking milkshakes and eating penny candy while listening to the ol' juke box.

Proof in Cuba

Cuba was probably the closest thing I'll ever come to going into a time machine and it was kind of awesome. Classic cars in mint condition roamed the streets and this alone would be worth a trip there. On top of that, the history and culture were fascinating with a mix of colorful city streets and beautiful pristine beaches as backdrops. We felt very safe during our time there and the people were welcoming and excited to talk to Americans.

If you have any questions about how to get there and what to expect while you're there, check out my detailed posts at

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