Proof Frontier Project: Zach Testa

Patterns & Textures

Zach Testa takes Proof along on a trip discovering the many beautiful shades of the American southwest. Known for its diverse landscape and varying levels of foliage. Enjoy, as Zach tells the story of his travels...

Summer drives through the American southwest are my favorite, and my Proof sunglasses are a great match for the burning Arizona sun. From striking red rocks to otherworldly sandstone formations, the landscapes here are like nowhere else.

I met up with my friend and fellow photographer Trace (@tracehudson_) from Chicago, and we made the most out of his 3 days in the desert. On our way into Utah from Arizona, we passed the Raplee Ridge mountain formation.

It's crazy structures caught our eyes from miles away in the distance as we drove through the desert. Once we hiked to the location and got the drone got up into the air, the patterns and textures in the mountains became even more apparent.

Triangle after triangle, the ridges of the mountains repeat in a mind-blowing pattern, and the San Juan River cuts it straight down the middle. After the sun went down, we hiked back to the car and drove into the nearest town where we made sunrise plans over a nice late-night Denny's dinner.

Life on the road is the best. 



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