Proof Frontier Project: Sydney Palmer

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Atop the Colorado Mountains

"There's a feeling you get when you are from the flatlands and get to the mountains of Colorado. The sun feels brighter, and the air somehow feels more pure." Syndey Palmer's Frontier project is a breath of fresh Colorado air. Keep scrolling to see where she took us!

I finally arrived in Denver. I stepped out of the car and saw multiple inches of snow awaiting us. We grabbed a camera, my friends dog, sunglasses, and warm layers. People cross country skied and snow shoed past us. I breathed heavy as we trudged along the path, feeling almost sorry for myself until I saw what we were headed for: Blue Lakes. 

A sheath of white ice and snow covered the water, making it seem like it went on for much longer than it did. We took in the greens and blues from the trees and hiked around the lake until our toes went numb.

Frames: State

Frames: Grove

Getting back into the car, we were happy and ready for some sun at Red Rocks Amphitheater the next day where we shot with a perfect view of the theater behind us. Boulder was the last stop for proof, where me and my friend Patrick saw a stretch of mountains we hadn't seen for over four years on the Flagstaff trail.

At the top of the mountains, you see what you came here for and you almost don't want to raise up your phone or camera for a photo. You want to feel what people among the rock and snow have felt for hundreds, even thousands of years. To travel is to experience. To experience is to really feel.


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