Proof Frontier Project: Jaime Pryor Photography

Girl Trippin' & Grease Vibes

Jaime Pryor Photography takes Proof along on a road trip with the girls getting gassed up in Atlanta. Enjoy, as Jaime captures the vibes...
I knew for this shoot I wanted to do something I’ve never done before. Something unique and different from my usual Senior sessions and Lifestyle shoots. I created a mood board on Pinterest and sent it to some amazing girls! I was honestly stuck on picking a location that would live up to my expectation for this shoot.

If you have visited Georgia, you know how beautiful it is and there are few things that I love more than the Atlanta skyline. Days before the shoot I continued to weigh out my options and then I remembered a cute, little retro gas station that had been rebuilt. It gave me all the Grease vibes and I was so there. 

My lovely models picked their outfits based on the mood board and theme of the gas station and everything fell into place literally one day before the shoot. I love that these girls were up for anything and TOTAL babes!

I’ve never seen glasses that are so unique fit so perfectly on three completely different face shapes before and MAN those girls rocked those glasses. I think it's safe to say Proof has me hooked on fashionable eyewear.


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