Proof Frontier Project: Ian Harland

Hometown Adventure

You don't always need to travel far to seek adventure, sometimes we forget about the places near home that we can get away to. Ian decided to explore the backcountry of Vancouver, British Columbia, his hometown.  Enjoy, as Ian tells the story of his mini trip to explore new heights...

"For a while, I had been wanting to camp at a looking near Vancouver.  One afternoon, I messaged my brother and we both decided to venture up to the mountain to catch the sunset and camp there for the night." 

 "We were half running to catch the sun, when we finally got there we shouted in excitement at the incredible view in front of us.  It only took about 5 minutes for the sun to dip below the horizon.  After, we set up camp and spent the night."

A quick trip up to spend an evening and morning with a view was a perfect weekend adventure.  In his words, "overall the mini trip was a success."


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