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Well, hello there world! Adventure is my middle name, well actually it's Adrian. That's not important though. What is important is what I'm about to tell you: I've been a free spirit my whole life, never tied down to anything. I found solace in nature and everything it has to offer. It's basically where I'm mean to be. I picked up photography a while back along this journey, and I've used it to document all the places I've traveled to. So in this project I present: the Tetons road trip.

Olivia and I are local Idahoans, hell bent on a good adventure. So we got into my Xterra and just drove off into the night towards Moose, Wyoming. Weather was horrible once we got to Victor, Idaho. I've only been during the summer, so I wanted to see what it was like during the winter. This was Olivia's first time.

Apparently we didn't check the weather before we went because we were in a winter storm the whole time. It was so severe it has a name, "Oliver." However, we ended up getting really lucky the first day, the roads were open to the tetons so we entered the park. We found a cross country ski trail near Jackson Lake. We bundled up in our snow boots and walked on on the semi packed tracks, it was a blast but oh boy was it cold. Met some really cool people on the way.


On our way back home on the snowy roads we found a place called massacre rock near American Falls, this place was a trip! So lush and blue for winter time. We ended up getting way better pictures here and it was right off the freeway.

I love the Tetons they are a surreal experience so close to our home. 


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