Proof Frontier Project: Chelsea Chen

Discover Utah + Colorado

Chelsea takes Proof along on a road trip through the breathtaking state of Utah and Colorado. Enjoy, as Chelsea tells the story of her travels...
As a girl who wants to see as much of the world as possible, planning a cross-country trip came with its challenges. The main challenge was deciding exactly where to explore on this journey from San Francisco, CA to Pittsburgh, PA. I wanted to go everywhere and see everything, but even I knew that that wasn’t going to be possible on this trip. But one thing I did know was that I needed to explore more of Utah and Colorado.

I love both of these states for their incredible beauty: Utah with its stunning structures and geology, and Colorado with its majestic mountains and sweeping vistas. I plotted out the majority of my trip based on national parks and natural beauty that I wanted to see, but I also love exploring cities.

I truly love immersing myself in both natural and urban areas.  Two of my favorite stops on my cross-country journey was Goblin Valley State Park in Utah and the city of Denver, Colorado. I love challenging myself to photograph different settings, and I enjoy capturing the contrast between nature and cityscapes.

Goblin Valley is an otherworldly place with its unique and often funny-looking rock formations. I honestly giggled the first time I saw them! I was exploring this park in the heat of the day and was grateful for my Proof sunglasses to protect my eyes from both the strong sun and the dirt that was whipping around in the wind. It felt like walking on Mars. I hiked a bit of Little Wild Horse Canyon, too, which is only five miles from Goblin Valley and one of many slot canyons in the area.


 As I made my way into Colorado, I was sad to be leaving Utah, but I knew I’d be back one day. I couldn’t be too sad because I was looking forward to seeing the Rocky Mountains and getting to explore Denver.


Denver has an amazing food and art scene, so I was excited to eat as much food as I could handle and take a gander around RiNo to see the street art. It always amazes me to see the creativity of other people and how they express it. Truly inspiring.


This road trip was the trip of a lifetime, and I’m already itching to get back on the road again. Can’t wait for the next adventure. I’ll be bringing along my Proof sunnies for sure. 


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