Proof Frontier Project: Andrew Santoro

Posted on by Keara Donick

Photographer Andrew Santoro recently took his Proofs on some adventures around his home state of Florida.

 If I told you that Florida isn't all about beaches and palm trees, would you believe me? There's plenty of that, but the sunshine state is also home to huge waterfalls, extensive cave systems, and, of course, a lot of humidity. Two state parks in the Florida Panhandle show off this diversity: Falling Waters and Florida Caverns.

Falling Waters is home to the tallest waterfall in Florida (it stands at 72 feet and cascades into a massive sinkhole), while Florida Caverns has some of the most impressive cave systems in the state. Both state parks are relatively close to each other, which makes visiting both a good weekend trip. Each showcases a different side of Florida that most don't see, so be sure to check them out! 


See more from Andrew on Instagram: @andpersant, @andrew.uncharted. You can also see a full recap of this trip on Andrew's blog!

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