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Frames: Iona

Spring, Sunshine and Smiles, Oh Deer!

"I'll never tire of the fresh air that fills my lungs whilst I watch the sun rise on cool mornings, enjoying the view with a smile lingering at the corner of my mouth." - Amy

Enjoy this sneak peek at Amy Robinson's Frontier project taking place in Scotland, her homeland! To read her entire adventure and for more pictures, take a look at her blog: The Change of Seasons.

Originally, the plan was to capture the beautiful landscapes in both the Highlands and Cairngorms, but the wildlife seemed to grab my interest. I had been pre-warned by @connormollison to take some carrots and apples with me to feed the deer, as they were apparently tame enough to hand-fed in certain areas. When I found a herd confident enough to come up to me, it didn’t take long for my stash of food to run out.

Frames: Sundance

Adaptability is a great human trait, and I often set myself new challenges to further growth. At the start of the year, I’d made a mental note to do more work with people, whether that was traveling or shooting with them. I’d practiced portraits not nearly as much as I had wanted to the previous year, and needed to push myself into these new zones of photography.

Frames: Left: Rainier + Sundance / Right: Iona

Swinging on hammocks, talking to each other, and listening to the light breeze between trees was a simple pleasure. The sunlight soaked into our skin, warming up our souls and making us giddy. It was the first time we needed to wear sunglasses, and it was already April. 

Frames: Wilder

The main reason I had such a passion for photography, was that I could relive happy memories over and over again, and recall funny conversations or late night nostalgia. However, it wasn’t the fact I could do that for myself. Instead, it was that I could do that for other people too. A way to physically view or hold treasured memories and not let them slip away.


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