Proof Frontier Project: Alyson Hall Photography

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Pacific Coast Highway

A while ago Proof Eyewear sent me a few glasses, asking only one thing in return: go on an adventure. And that we did. 

Elliot and I (both East Coast Natives) decided a change of scenery would be nice and decided to book a trip to San Francisco, California.

My plan was to shoot the glasses in Yosemite National Park, as we were going to be backpacking there for two nights, but that didn't go quite as planned. 

Turns out we were grossly unprepared for the below 0º weather and the subsequent iced-over trails made it too dangerous to whip out the camera.

 The 2-night trip turned into a one night trip (one FREEZING night, I might add) and we were back in the warm San Francisco the next day. 

So, instead, we decide to go on a little road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway. 

This was a glimpse into our day!

xx - Alyson


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