Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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Stuck trying to think of a gift for that special someone this year? Don't worry too much because we've got you covered. This year we've compiled a list of some of our favorite items for both him and her from our office favorites. 


Outerknown Board Shorts 


 Shorts made from organic cotton, who would have thought it? Well at Outerknown they've done it. These stylish and colorful board shorts made from organic cotton bring the wearer ultimate comfort for the summer months.


Proof Eyewear Pocket Knife


 What even is a gift guide without a knife on it? Well, we don't want to know because this elegant wood meets metal pocket knives brought to you by proof eyewear take your breath away. Perfect for the avid outdoorsman or the casual person either way you cant go wrong with it. 




 Goal Zero Solar Powered Charging Bank 


 Do you know someone who is always having troubles keeping there phone charged, or is just always away from an outlet? This solar-powered charging bank from Goal Zero has got your back. So long as you have some light left in your busy day there's hope for a full battery which is why we always keep one handy.


 HydroFlask PNW Collection 


 A totally iconic water bottle with a beautiful new color. For anyone that just drinks water (last time we checked this is everyone), they deserve to do so in a quality water bottle. HydroFlask has just released there limited time PNW collection putting a new twist on their bottles, we highly suggest trying one out.


 Alternative Apparel Vintage Jersey            T-Shirt 


 Have you ever bought a shirt and realized that its the softest shirt on the planet until you wash it a couple of times and it becomes more like sandpaper? Well, the shirts at Alternative Apparel stay as soft as a cloud. Not to mention the vintage jersey style lets her stand out on or off the field. 



Arvo Awristcrat Watch


 This brand new edition of the Arvo women's watch collection features an elegant rose gold case with a stainless steel mesh band brings style and timeliness together in one thin timepiece. Still thinking about that something special for that special someone this year? We cant think of any better watch than an Arvo, especially from the Awristcrat collection.



Hydrus Funshui All Around Paddle Board 


 Let's be honest, surfing and general water exploration is a great time but what do you do when there's no surf, or you live somewhere that only has lakes? You go out and get a paddleboard instead! This specific board is perfect for someone looking to try out something new allowing for anyone to use it from an expert surfer to someone who's never even tried.



Duo Travel Pillow


 The Duo Travel pillow makes flying easy and comfortable. Personally, it's hard to sleep on a plane due to the small space and the fact that you don't wanna wake up on the person next to you. This Travel pillow has four different resting positions for different sleeping situations along with multiple hidden features like a phone holder in all making this the most practical travel pillow for anyone flying.



Rhone Og Bullitt Workout Shorts


 At Rhone, theyve created a durable and yet comfortable workout short for men. This means that they won't bother you mid-workout and since they are built for the stretch you won't have to worry about tearing them when you're getting your gains. Everyone needs at least one pair of shorts to workout in, sometimes even two. We highly recommend Rhone for anyone needing quality workout clothes. 



Smart Wool Socks


Smart Wool Socks has a wide array of socks leaving something warm for just about everybody. Since the socks are wool they keep moisture away from your foot keeping it dry and comfortable in all conditions. These guys really do know how to give a certain feeling of quality for a sock making them a must-have for anyone.



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