From Friend Zone to End Zone: A Love Story

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When Judah DeVilbiss, @blklblphotography began envisioning this photoshoot he immediately thought of Megan and David. And as much as they may look like it, they are not full-time models but they are in fact, real-life love birds! 

Hailing from totally different regions, Megan from Seattle, WA and David from Frisco, TX, they both arrived at Boise State to attend college. Megan graduated with a Forensic Chemistry degree and David was recruited as a wide receiver to the Broncos Football team and graduated with a Communications degree.


"We have been dating for almost 6 months and everyday is an adventure," said Megan.

David wearing Bannock / Megan wearing Fairview

You'd never know it, but Megan is David's first long-term girlfriend as surprising as it seems with his good looks and charm. As Megan describes, "Everything started by us being close friends since I friendzoned David, which has never happened to him before." 

But as Judah describes, David was dedicated and relentless in pursuing and wooing Megan. No spoiler here, she fell for him.

David wearing Federal

"Everyday continues to get better and better by each other's sides. We are so blessed to have each other and can't wait to see what the future holds," said Megan.

Happy Valentine's Day to Megan and David and to the rest of our #ProofCrew!

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