Echosmith: Then and Now

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Written By: Taylor Bothke, Intern


Echosmith is an American Indie pop band that currently consists of two brothers and a sister that started up the band in early 2009. You have most likely heard one of their most popular hits, "Cool Kids" that was released on their Talking Dreams album in 2013. Since their startup in 2009, Proof has had several encounters with the band. We get super eager that they'll stop in to chat every time we hear they are on tour near Boise, and without a doubt, they always do! Our most recent encounter with the band was on April 9th when Sydney Sierota, the lead vocalist, stopped in to our Proof Flagship Store on her way through Boise. We always have a blast goofing around and using the band to model our favorite pairs of frames! I don't know about you, but I definitely think that Echosmith looks like the "Cool Kids" in these rad sunglasses. 


As of now the band has been around for nine years and has accomplished a tremendous amount in that time. Becoming Platinum-selling artists and reaching number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 doesn't happen over-night! In 2018 the band will be spending several months on their Inside a Dream Tour  showcasing their new single "Over My Head". This tour includes 21 concerts in 21 different cities all around the United States from New York to Hollywood and 1 concert in Toronto, Canada. Here at Proof we think this band is awesome and can't wait to see what new material they release in the upcoming years. Keep up the work, Echosmith! 





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