Kickstarter Launch: The Aluminum Collection

Posted on by Vierra Reid

Thanks to you, we've had a great response so far on The Aluminum Collection launch. A few questions have come up, so we thought we should explain what Kickstarter is & how it works:

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform used to put a concept into action. We chose to release our newest line to the platform to get an idea of how many people prefer this new material, what styles are most popular, and obviously to give our biggest supporters a Kickstarter exclusive price.

The sooner you back the project, the better discount you'll receive on the sunglasses you want PLUS you'll be one of the early adopters of this new product line made of completely recyclable aluminum.

How it Works:

↠ Check out our project
↠ When you find the sunglasses you want, click 'Back This Project'
↠ Choose a reward (the 'reward' is the sunglass frame(s) you want)
↠ Sign up for Kickstarter, it's quick

The money won't be taken out of your account until the project ends in late March - so if you're ballin' on a budget, no worries! We'll also keep you updated on the process throughout the campaign. Thank you for your support friends.

Watch the Video:

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