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Photography is something that has developed from a hobby into a passion for me quite quickly.  It’s hard to describe my shooting style because I think it is always changing and developing.  I would like to think my shooting style is based off the relationship between the person I am shooting and the place we chose to adventure to that day.  I hope that when a person looks at a photograph of mine, they can look beyond the landscape and into what that person in that landscape is like and where he or she is at in that moment.  

I found inspiration for this shoot from the people and location I surround myself with.  I shoot, hangout, ride, and live with talented people.  When you have so many people doing similar things, you pull different aspects from each of their styles without knowing it.  Among these things, growing up in the Rocky Mountains doesn’t hurt either.

When I was thinking about locations to shoot for this project I realized I was putting too much thought into it.  I ended up just taking it day by day and going on adventures that I would normally around Bozeman, MT.  Locations include Hyalite Canyon, Pine Creek Falls (near Yellowstone), Natural Land Bridge Falls, Earthquake Lake, Yellowstone National Park, and Bannack Ghost-town State Park.

When I am not going to school or doing loads of homework, I try to get myself outside to shoot as much as I can.  These locations where chosen last minute to get out of Bozeman and into some places where I haven’t been to spark some creativity.

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