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This month we teamed up with Deft Optics for our Monthly Instagram Giveaway! 

↠ Post a photo of the great outdoors before midnight MST of December 3rd
↠ Tag @proofeyewear
↠ Use the hashtag #NatureOfProof

Donner Skate Fire $115 value
Classic Beanie - $14 value


    Deft Optics was created from the idea that we want something more for our dollar. After many years of seeing goggle prices go up annually, it was time to put our foot down. We wanted to create a high quality goggle at an affordable price. When developing the goggle we also wanted to make it fully customizable and unique to the person buying it. You the consumer, should be able to choose what you want down to the strap. You should be able to snag a goggle that not only looks good, functions at the highest level, but is also affordable! Because let's face it, skiing and snowboarding are already expensive enough; we don't want you spending 100+ dollars on quality goggles. Save your dough for the lift ticket!

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