Proof Frontier Project || Brightwood Photography in Iceland

Posted on by Lance Williams

I like to approach our adventures from a playful stand point and capture whatever we're creating. We hike and explore and have fun in our community, and it's my goal to be present and capture those moods and actions. 
Inspiration for this shoot was pulled from the different environments we found ourselves in. Iceland is full of some crazy places, from volcanic rock to green moss and glaciers. You could find everything there and it made it tons of fun to jump around different backgrounds and photograph my friends. 
Our central location was Iceland (that's probably pretty obvious). We rented two cars and drove around the Ring Road for just under two weeks, stopping for epic spots along the way. Some of my favorites were our 36-mile hike in Landmannalaugar and exploring the small town of Seydisfjordor. 
Iceland has something about it that we all wanted to experience. I think it has some of the most natural beauty of any location on this planet and as a photographer, that was definitely something I wanted to explore. The country ended up feeling like a giant playground for us, giving everyone a different opportunity to play outside like we were kids again. 


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Proof Frontier Project || Brightwood Photography in Iceland
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