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I don’t really know what to say to describe my style other than that I work as hard as I can to produce original and stunning work. I try really hard to get original shots and compositions in lighting that will blow people away and inspire them to explore and appreciate the beautiful world we live in. Friends and followers on social media have written me messages and have said that my photos do an excellent job at portraying the beauty of the places I travel to and that has humbled me a lot and has helped me push forward. I love to travel all over the planet and visit both popular and obscure locations, but I find myself loving the photos I shoot within my own country, the United States, the most. This year I have dedicated more time to road trips and journeys around my hometown in the western states. The photos I have selected to share are from a recent overnighter I did at Joshua Tree National Park in California, just a few hours away from where I grew up. I had never been before and I was blown away as soon as I entered the park. The endless array of desert plants and cactus made for some gorgeous foreground while the mysterious and gigantic boulders and rock formations pulled you into the background. I also got to enjoy some of the clearest skies I have ever seen. After growing up in California I've been determined to return to some of my favorite locations and capture shots that really show the beauty of them. Im inspired by Ted Gore and Michal Shainblum's photography of the California coast and desert locations.


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