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I would describe my shooting style at this point as adventure/lifestyle photography. I share the photos that I love the most, but in the world of photography and the media through which we share our work, it's easy to come across as if every day is a mountain top experience. I hope my work reflects who I am and the things I do, but I try to be honest about the struggles and low points in life that we all experience as much I am about the highs.

The inspiration behind my style of shooting and these photos in particular comes from more than just a moment. My close friends that I grew up with and I strive to live our lives to the fullest, seeking out the moments and relationships that make us feel most alive. I believe adventure is more than seeking out mountain tops. It's about what we find joy and fulfillment in and who we share the adventure with. Personally, I feel most alive when I'm fully invested, surrendering to something much greater than myself. It's being out in the wilderness where I am truly out of control. It's serving others and making a difference for someone in a way that exceeds expectations. It's finding someone with whom I share a deeper level of understanding. I'd like my life to reflect those ideas, and I hope my photography does as well.

These photos are spread out across a road trip. After spending almost a year apart, my girlfriend and I had the incredible opportunity to take a roadtrip from Charleston, SC to the western states to visit family and friends. We had the opportunity to go to Rocky Mountain National Park, Golden, Colorado, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Olympic National Park, Seattle, Washington and Crater Lake, Oregon.

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