5 Last Minute Costume Ideas

Posted on by Kirsten Atkinson

Uh oh. You procrastinated your costume for Halloween. Don't fret -here's 5 easy to recognize, quick DIY costumes for trick or treating or tonight's parties!

1950's Retro: Sling on a neck scarf and a flower in your hair, and
you're ready to cha cha. Shop McCall.
Terminator: "I'LL BE BACK... in 15 minutes, because I just need a black jacket and pants to get ready!" Shop Butte.

Tech Nerd: Just button up, add a tie,
bonus points if you have a pocket protector!
Shop Leroy.

Harry Potter: Stupefy your friends with how quickly you
throw this together! (Tie, button up and long black jacket.)
Shop Iona.
Police: This might be the easiest of all! Just a blue button up and a fake badge. Shop Eagle.


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