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About the company:

Free Reverie + Co is a creative duo based in South Florida ran by two daydreaming girls fusing their passions for styling, photography, and creative living into one creative force.  We specialize in coordinating, designing and photographing styled shoots for industry vendors, businesses and lifestyle photo sessions.

About the girls:
Our friendship bloomed from a client/vendor relationship.  Marisa and her hubs hired Chelsea for engagement and wedding photography after hearing of her work through a mutual friend.  The wedding came and went and before we knew it we were planning DIY nights and texting regularly about our dreams of turning our creative passions into our livelihoods.  A few bottles of wine and late nights later, Free Reverie + Co. was born.
About this session:
One of the services we offer is a custom collaborative styled session, this was the first that we put together after forming our company!  These are typically very lifestyle and editorial driven, and we strive to connect with like-minded industry vendors to participate with one unique theme in mind.  After coming up with a central idea we pull together pieces from our chosen vendors, models and locations who fit the bill, then plan the shoot day.  From there it’s shoot, edit, deliver!  As much as we love our sunshine state and all the beachy goodness it has to offer, we jumped at the idea of a more boho desert look…the park we chose was about an hour north of us which is where the session’s name ‘North’ came from.
Free Reverie + Co.
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