2nd Annual Proof Grand Prix

Posted on by Vierra Reid

Join us for another Pinewood Derby Wednesday, August 12th from 6-9pm at

Pre Funk Beer Bar in downtown Boise! 

Proceeds will be donated to Terry Reilly Health Services in support of Community Health Center Week! 

The 2nd Annual Proof Grand Prix will be complete with food trucks, prizes, our friends at Vivid Roots & more!

You can pick up your car and enter the derby for only $10 at the Proof Flagship Store - limited spots available so stop in today!

Car Specs:
A. Width - Not to exceed 2 3/4 inches
B. Length - Not to exceed 7 inches 
C. Weight - Not to exceed 5.0 ounces on scale accurate to 1/10 ounce.
D. Height - Not to exceed 3 inches

About Terry Reilly Health Services

What started out as a make-shift social services center working out of the living room of one family has grown into a full scale health operations providing employment to hundreds of individuals including medical, dental and behavioral health professionals in 8 medical clinics, 5 Dental clinics, and 6 Mental Health facilities, including Allumbaugh House which has been operating as Idaho’s only drug and alcohol detoxification center at no cost to the patient since 2010. Terry Reilly provides this care in 7 different cities throughout Idaho and has expanded services every year of operation and is continuing to grow. In 2015 Terry Reilly will be expanding once again to offer an improved level of care to southern Idaho. Terry Reilly will be opening the new Nampa, Medical clinic with a larger footprint than the original, offering an enhanced standard of care.

About Us Page

Terry Reilly has instituted a policy supported by the vision and commitment of the staff. Terry Reilly boasts one of the most forward thinking leadership teams in the area, providing the company with direction and vision. With the support of the staff and the commitment made by them each and every day, Terry Reilly has been the only Community Health Clinic (CHC) in the state to enjoy Joint Commission accreditation.
Although Terry Reilly has had a large presence in Canyon County since 1971, the opening of the Boise Medical Clinic in 1988 had a direct impact on the residents of the Boise area. The clinic was originally placed on the Boise Bench servicing only a small number of individuals each year. In 2011 Terry Reilly expanded once again building a larger more updated medical clinic and in so doing increased the ability to access medical care by almost 200%.

Terry Reilly has always emphasized health promotion and disease prevention activities within its clinics and through its outreach services. The community-based board and input from additional community representatives, in the form of committees, remain a pivotal force in strengthening Terry Reilly’s effectiveness. Funding sources have diversified greatly, with increased reliance on United Way, Community Development Block Grants, local, regional, and national foundations, corporate and individual donations. Terry Reilly can proudly claim to be one of the country’s strongest, most comprehensive, most mission-driven community health centers. The vast majority of its patients would encounter great difficulties getting the care they need, were it not for the access they enjoy at Terry Reilly.

The vision and policy that has allowed Terry Reilly to increase services every year is stronger than ever. Terry Reilly has roots as a small community based clinic striving to provide health services to a small population but today, has grown to expand services to a diverse and ever increasing population including large swaths of the state. In some areas of the Treasure Valley Terry Reilly has a market share of over 90% of the population, in contrast to that Terry Reilly is still a patient based system. What started as an idea and in response to a need found in a small group of children in Nampa has grown today into a strong health system providing quality services to more than 30,000 persons annually.

Invite your friends!

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