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Lately, I've noticed that I actually "see" in the form of photos whenever I spend time outdoors, almost like I've got a camera surgically attached to my face. I take better photos when I wait for something to inspire me to get out the camera instead of just searching for something to take a photo of. I guess this is just another way of describing mindfulness. When a scene really stands out, I try to get all the technical stuff dialed in before I start clicking the shutter release so I can just focus on the light that's interacting with my brain instead of making sure I'm using the right aperture or something like that.
When I shoot any subject (stick with me here), I imagine myself as that entity. For instance, if I'm taking photos of a rugged mountain, I might try to visualize it's existence on this totally different timeline where entire human societies grow and are destroyed in just a fraction of it's journey, or if I'm trying to get a good photo of a Marmot, I might think about what kind of daily routines he has that could be similar to mine. It's kind of wacky, but the relationships between us and everything else in the world are really inspiring to think about.
This shoot happened over the course of a week in Banff and Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. This area has been a priority of mine for quite a while now because it's so vibrant. You have all of these perfect lakes that are absolutely surrounded by wildlife, nestled in between some of the most dramatic mountains in North America. It's borderline sensory overload.
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