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I would describe my shooting style as capturing the relationship and connection that humans have with nature. I love taking photos in places that are hard to get to where nature is in charge not humans.

Being a natural company I wanted to stick with adventure and nature especially since the glasses are made out of wood. I find myself living outside more than inside most of the time. Proof Eyewear demonstrates high ethical and sustainability standards. I wanted to take photos in a hard to get to location to inspire others to get out there because then we can learn to appreciate Earth more and help sustain it. 

This shoot was located in Brandywine Meadows and on the ridge of Brandywine Mountain near Whister, British Columbia. To get here you have to drive a rugged logging road for 8 km and then a grueling steep 4 km hike in. Once at the meadows the ridge is about 2 hours away.

The proof logo as well as the motto "crafted from the ground up" made me think of locations that demonstrated exactly that. I wanted to start at ground level and work my way up both symbolically and literally. We started in the meadows, frolicking between wildflowers (from the ground) and made our way to the ridge line (up) for sunset. One pair of glasses said "Dont forget your roots". To me this is important to all humans because our roots are entwined with nature, as it is our true home. People today are bombarded with screen technology, living in dynamic cities which has created a major disconection between humans and nature. I believe Proof really captures the importance of nature in sustaining us and the outdoor activities we do.





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