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We want to introduce you to our friends at Colokial! They are a fashion forward boutique that carries Proof products and offers a unique international experience, combining style with a commitment to sourcing sustainably produced goods.

1. How long have you been in business?

5 Years!!!

2. Number of locations?


3. Give us a quick history about your store.

Colokial, was inspired by the word colloquial (Common way of speaking). It started as a hobbie and it's currently a passion. Since we opened we have always learned to find better ways to innovate our products and maintain only the things that matter to our niche market and serve a purpose. We wanted to bring colloquialisms to Southern Indiana by introducing products with a history.

A year later, after a warmth welcome from the community, and with no experience in retail or fashion merchandising, it was only natural to build a 5 year business plan and make a decision to take it to the next level. Our goal is to be able to learn enough about the business to create our own brand in a foreign country or a USA territory to help needed communities.

Born in the Caribbean, I was motivated to share with others, the culture & fashion from other countries, while providing a better life to local artisans in these countries. Our products are unique, some are just different and have an edge, or others created with natural & recycled resources, passion & inspiration. We provide an “I am home” experience to our customers.

4. Give us one mind blowing fact about your shop.

Interesting question! To me is not mind blowing, but it is to our customers!!! We always have complimentary SANGRIA to offer our customers!

5. What are your most popular items?

  • Jewelry made with natural resources around the world, such as Tagua Nut, Coconut, Gourd, Wood, Acai Seeds, Bombona, Horn, Stones, etc... Countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico and others. 
  • Larimar and Amber jewelry from the Dominican Republic.
  • The Shaggy Bag, from India
  • Our Basic line
  • The Miracle Dresses and Leggings
  • Our Baggy Jumpsuits and Loose Fit Tops and Dresses
  • Our Bora Scarfs, made with Alpaca that are raised in USA
  • Handpainted Gourd ornaments and boxes from Peru

6. Where can we find you on your lunch break?

Lunch break to us can be anytime, and sometimes anywhere. But I would say that 60% of the team is either on their phone sharing images on their personal instagram accounts or thinking on their next Yoga Pose or Outdoor Trip and the other 40% of us, are eating a quick snack!. We are all about nature!

7. What song best describes your shop?

Medicine For My Soul by Juan Luis Guerra

(The music played at the store at all times is: Latin American or Brazilian)

8. Who’s your employee of the month? Why?

We are very small and all our employees are a family and we all share titles and awards.

9. What’s your spirit animal?

I don't think the Dog is considered an spirit animal, but to me, they are the symbol of loyalty, friendship and unconditional love! And of course, the reminder that it is always better to act than to react. That is Me!

Colokial's Totem is the talking Parrot, it represents foreign languages, the innate understanding of colors and happiness!

10. Why is Proof a good fit in your store?

Here at Colokial we love anything fashionable and trendy that is handmade, recycled and eco-friendly. We always try to carry products from vendors that not only help the environment, but are global citizens that do good around the world. It was a no brainer to carry the amazing eyeware you all have to offer. 

Follow Colokial:

Shop Address: 219 Pearl Street, New Albany, IN 47150
Shop Website: www.colokial.com
Facebook: COLOKIAL
Instagram: @COLOKIAL
Twitter: @COLOKIAL



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