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With my pictures, I try to capture moments and memories. I've never been a fan of posed shots. I always like pictures that show interaction with nature and that is what I try and achieve with mine. Pretty much all of my pictures have been inspired by my love of being outdoors. I try to show how accessible nature can be in my photos. My favorite style of pictures are where the people in them are as important as their surroundings. I would say a lot of my inspiration comes from the friends I am with. When I see them having a good time, I try and capture it.
Rock Canyon is only about 10-15 minutes from my home and is my favorite place to escape. I know that canyon like the back of my hand. My friends and I will often hike up there as the sun sets and make the descent without lights because we are so familiar with it.
I chose Guardsmen Pass because it reminds me of my hometown in British Columbia, Canada. I love all the evergreens and the lakes up there.
Contact:  burnham.jon@gmail.com


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