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Location: San Onofre State Beach, San Clemente, CA And Orange County, CA

As a photographer, creating a style of shooting that is unique and intriguing is very important. I find a lot of interest in shooting landscape and night photography such as long exposures. However, recently, I have found a passion within to begin photographing people. I found the love for portraits when I was taking pictures of my friends on a summer day in Laguna Beach, CA. It came to my attention that I could combine all these amazing landscapes and people into one photo, creating a beautiful piece of work. Although this is my current shooting style, as a photographer I believe our styles are constantly changing. We are developing our creativeness each and every time we go out to explore and decide to press the shutter. As our creativeness develops, our styles change allowing us to create multiple beautiful pieces of art as we stop time and capture the moment.

When I was offered this opportunity, I did some research around the website, looking at the different styles of glasses. I really wanted to get a feel for what the culture of the company was, and to see how the glasses should be represented. The style of the glasses gave me an earthy-feel with the wood finish, but at the same time they gave me a relaxing beach sensation. I believed it was important to capture the glasses in both of these sceneries to display the true culture of the company.

I chose these two locations because it gave me the biggest opportunity to get the photographs to look how I wanted. The beach allowed me to capture the relaxing feeling, as stated above, through the calming water and positive vibes from the beach goers around us. The creek bed allowed me to capture the earthy-feel as we were surrounded by wildlife and an amazing sunset creating impeccable lighting. California, and Orange County especially, has so much to offer, providing endless opportunities when it comes to photography.

“Capture the moment, to communicate the experience.”



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